PlaMatSu Network Meetings took place annually at one of the involved universities (see the training programme). The Annual Network Meetings had the purpose of reporting and discussing scientific results with the other consortium members. The training purpose of the Annual Network Meetings was to train presentation skills of ESRs in a closed, friendly environment, and to expose them on a regular basis to the interdisciplinary research carried out in PlaMatSu. Annual Network Meetings were also a platform for networking between the ESRs, the PIs and the industrial consortium members.

Moreover, it was planned that the ESRs formed a strong interconnected network, fostered by a variety of network-wide training events and secondments. The training programme of PlaMatSu had four pillars:

a) network wide training events;

b) local training (including training through research);

c) secondments at academic partners and in industry;

d) active participation of the ESRs at international scientific conferences.